We provide various spare parts for various systems of AC Drive, DC Drive, PLC, Servo Drive, HMI etc….Which include…

i) Siemens, G120 and it’s accessories / PM240/240-2 and it’s accessories / Siemens SINAMICS Series DC Drives, DCM 6RA80

ii) Siemens PLC, S7 1500 Series/ S7 1200 Series / S7 300 Series / S7 400 Series etc..

iii) Siemens HMI

iv) Parker AC Drive 690P/890P/ AC 30V/ AC30P/ AC30D; DC Drive 590P/ 591P/ 599P/ 598P

v) Parker HMI TS8000 Series / PMI Series

vi) Thyristor based heater controller

vii) Various instruments

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