Metal: Cold Rolling Mill

i) Complete Cold Rolling Mill automation and mechanical revamping with automatic and manual gauge control.

> Automation solution for 2HI, 4Hi, 6Hi, 12Hi, 20Hi for both narrow and broad gauge and for any type of material and alloy.

> Mechanical Revamping

> Electrical Revamping

> Automatic Gauge Control both in Hydraulic and Motorized

> Complete commissioning of PLC, Drive system and integration with SCADA, HMI, IOT and Reporting

ii) Complete electromechanical automation solutions for continuous metal processing line like, Continuous Galvanising Line (CGL), continuous colour coating line (CCL), continuous annealing and pickling line (CAPL), bright annealing line (BAL) and so on..

> Consultancy, Designing

> Mechanical / Electrical revamping along with looper system

> Complete automation solutions

> Complete commissioning of the line with supplied electrical Drives, PLC, SCADA system and integration with IOT and reporting

iii) Complete electromechanical automation solutions for finishing lines like…Cut To Length (CTL), Slitting, Trimming, Rewinding line, bending line, Metal tube forming and sizing, Tube cold saw material handling etc…

iv) We also provide, consultancy on sale purchase of old mills and machineries.

Metal: Hot Rolling Mill

We have rich experience in metal hot rolling including:

> TMT Mill along with all it’s auxiliary sections

> Bar Mill

> Wire rod mill

> Hot Strip Mill along with all it’s auxiliary sections

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